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About Me

Welcome to Skincare-Soul! My name is Radka Kaplan, and I'm the founder of Skincare-Soul, a place to find not only the bestselling and high quality skincare products, but encouragement, inspiration, and motivation for your skincare journey.  At Skincare-Soul, it is truly my greatest heart's desire to help others find encouragement through this unique combination of an e-shop and an innovative online consulting program.  

Who am I?

Let’s start from the beginning: I was born and grew up in Slovakia.
Growing up, i was lucky to have many opportunities to travel and live in other countries, get to know different cultures and meet amazing people from all over the world. At the age of 15, i was giving a wonderful opportunity to go study to US. A trip to the other side of the world which changed my perspective to life. Two years later I know the world is full of opportunities and I decide to study Economics. With a Master degrees in International Business and Master Degree in Finance in my pocket I was ready to conquer the centre of financial world: Switzerland. I got the opportunity to gain corporate experience as a project manager for a Swiss private bank. The Zurich lake in front of me, international projects, traveling and earning well made my life comfortable. But the truth is it was not my passion. It just didn't feel right. It was not who I truly am. I have been interested in the beauty world as long as i can remember and it is a huge passion of mine. I like makeup, skincare, hair and beauty in general because for me its the art of expressing yourself. I spent hours and hours reading skincare and beauty books, research papers, articles and magazines that I could find, i spent a fortune on beauty products, liked them and disliked them, attended seminars until one day i realized i need to make a change.

I am proud to welcome you to my baby: Skincare Soul, an unique combination of a trustworthy e-shop and an innovative online consulting program. I strongly believe the combination of both makes the difference.





Skincare-Soul values? 

One and very important reason why i created Skincare-Soul is to empower people to feel comfortable in their own skin. I believe everyone is beautiful and everyone has the right to choose what beauty means for them. In my eyes, beautiful is about highlighting the beautiful features you already have and with little help of makeup covering what you maybe don't like. I created Skincare-Soul to spread this idea of self-love through skincare. Its my way of empowering. I am on a mission to tell the world that taking care of yourself is also possible through skincare. And it can be soul healing too (that's where Skincare-Soul name comes from). I simply want to give and share what i learned, tips and tricks, reviews and much more!

Thank you for being part of my Skincare-Soul journey.